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Maybe It's Sleep Apnea That's Dragging You Down

Are you experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness and having trouble staying awake throughout the day? Do you struggle to stay awake behind the wheel? Finding it harder to focus on tasks? Waking up with headaches or a sense of unwarranted fatigue? You may be suffering from Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common type of “sleep-disordered breathing” and occurs when the muscle tone of the upper airway fails to support the surrounding soft tissue, allowing the airway to collapse during sleep. As a result, airflow to and from the lungs is reduced or completely blocked. As the condition progresses, individuals must arouse themselves to either awaken or to a lighter stage of sleep, in order to resume normal breathing. In most cases, the condition evolves to a point when breathing completely stops (e.g. Apnea), and the frequency and duration of the Apneas continue to worsen.